Magnetometro Geometrics G-856



Display: Six digit display of field to 0.1 gamma, or timeto nearest second. Three digit display of station, day, line number, battery voltage, or signal strength.
Resolution: Typically 0.1 gamma under average conditions, may degrade in weak fields, high gradients, or noisy conditions.
Accuracy: 0.5 gamma
Tuning: Auto or manual, range 20,000 to 90,000 nT
Gradient Tolerance: 1000 nT/meter
Cycle Time: 3 sec to 999 sec. standard; can be manually selected as fast as 1.5 sec cycle time
Read: Manual or auto cycle for base station use
Data storage: 5,700 readings in portable mode, 12,000 in base station mode. Power failure will not cause any data loss.
Display: Six digit display of field/time, three digit auxiliary display of line number, day
Digital Output: RS-232, 9600 baud
Input: Will accept external cycle command
Power: Rechargeable Battery Pack (2) plus charger included
Weight: Instrument console – 6 lb., Staff & Sensor – 6 lb.